Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eagles lose to the Cowboys in a thriller: How come no one noticed the stretch for the tape by T.O.?

Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!

What a great football game that was on Monday night. Eagles at the Cowboys...in my opinion...one of the best games I have watched on any night! Eagles fans of course hated the outcome...but for pure entertainment value the game stood head and shoulders above most games I have ever seen!
In an obvious tribute to Jamaica's world conquering sprinter Usain "Lightning" Bolt...Terrell Owens...upon reaching the goal line on his 72 yard first quarter touchdown leaned forward as if to stretch for the tape on a hundred meter sprint race. I was kinda shocked that none of the MNF crew...and we know who they are...pointed this out to many watching who obviously could put 2 and 2 together.
C'mon Monday night crew...wake up and smell the you know what...
Well a fellow blogger Arash Markazi of Fannation noticed what TO did at the end of his run...click here.

One other note...is Deshaun Jackson still on the Eagles roster today?...because I have a feeling Eagles coach Andy Reid had a few choice words for the apparently "cocky" player after what could have been the most boneheaded play
in NFL history when he threw the ball away before actually crossing the plane of the end-zone. I'm an Eagles guy but damn...even I would have been tempted if coach to boot this showboat straight back to Long Beach, California...or maybe somewhere like Compton where they could have slapped some sense into the guy.
You know the poolies that had Jackson in their lineup must have lost it when they saw the replays that clearly showed him tossing the pigskin about 1 yard from the goal line. What on EARTH was he thinking???????????????????

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I thought the Eagles should have and could have won this game...if not for Donovan McNabb's constant inability over the years to hit receivers in the flat at crucial moments for short 5-8 yard passes. With the game on the line...McNabb threw a high ball over the outstretched arms of Brian Westbrook that would have surely gotten the Eagles a first down and a shot at a touchdown to win the game. I'm not sure if it's McNabb's technique or he just gets too excited at times throwing the football...but I'm tired of seeing his dump off passes land either in the ground or too high and out of the reach of potential receivers. C'mon Donovan...10 years in the league man and you still haven't mastered the dump off game ala Tom Brady? What gives.
I don't even want to talk about the mix up between McNabb and Westbrook in the 4th quarter...simply inexcusable in a such a big game!
Now I must say...McNabb looked very mobile on Monday night at times easily out running persuing Cowboys defenders...his long throws were for the most part on the money...but the short passing game of the Syracuse alum leaves alot to be desired. Former Eagles pivot Ron Jaworski pointed out several times in the broadcast about Donovan's missing fundamentals in terms of his throws. Here's hoping Jaws can corral McNabb at some point to correct the flaws in his form because come playoff time it will be crucial for McNabb to hit the receivers on short routes and medium routes.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Lebron James invades Toronto for premiere of Documentary "More Than A Game"

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Premiere of Lebron James' new documentary "More Than A Game" at the Ryerson Theatre on Gerrard Street in Toronto. The Gala screening was part of the Toronto International Film Festival 2008(TIFF 2008).
Safe to say the venue was packed from top to bottom. All people there to see the film that chronicles the lives of James and the rest 4 of his teammates...dubbed the Fab 5. 4 of the Fab 5 were present at the showing including James...Willie McGee...Dru Joyce III and Romeo Travis as well as head coach Dru Joyce II(Dru Joyce III's father). Sian Cotton...did not attend.
I must say...More Than A Game was about 100 minutes long but left the audience wanting and needing more. It was a very uplifting film that showcases the dynamic relationship that these 5 young men have playing basketball together throughout their high school years culminating in the team winning the National High School Basketball championship in the U.S. Of course...James is larger than life now...but this movie wasn't all Lebron. It downplayed his star status and really gave equal treatment to all 5 kids as they grew up in Akron, Ohio as well as featuring Coach Joyce(father of little Dru) who metamorphosed from a Football player and coach to a Basketball coach trying to help his son find success in the game he loved.
I was touched at several points in the film and almost shed a few tears. Throughout the screening I could also hear several people crying as it was more touching than people realized.
Overall I would recommend this movie to all hoops fans and people looking for reason for hope as these 5 young men overcame very long odds to become the best players and people they could be.
After the screening...the players, coach, and director and producer took the stage to a standing ovation and talked about the film and what it meant to all of them. James' feisty and passionate mother Gloria was also at the premiere and was also a fan favourite!
When finished the players all headed down to Dundas Square to judge a dunk competition that was won by Justin"Jus Fly" Darlington. King James and the crew were busy handing out 9's and 10's as well as giving interviews to the over 30-40 media members present. Some of the media on hand included The Score, CTV, E Entertainment, The Toronto Star and many more from all over North America.
It was pure pandemonium any time Lebron came near the fences where the adoring fans were gathered outside! Fans clamored to get pictures of Lebron and some screamed at King James trying to garner a response from the recent Gold medal winner as a member of the U.S. men's basketball team at the Olympics in Beijing, China.
After dealing with all the media and fan madness Lebron and the rest of his entourage scurried out in blacked-out Escalades north on Yonge Street...a scene not unlike that of a sitting Prime Minister or President as the mighty King James came, saw and conquered Toronto...leaving his subjects clamouring for more!

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