Wednesday, May 23, 2007

THE UNLUCK OF THE IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody...haven't been blogging for a minute...took a little breather at the end of a great Raptor season. Now like all Dino fans I was disappointed with the way the season came to an end...but I was really proud of the many accomplishments that the Raptors gave the fans this season. Chris Bosh making 2nd team All-NBA was one of the best accolades that the team received. Bosh is simply one of the best in the league. He will get better despite a frustrating playoffs against the Nets. I told you guys Lawrence Frank would do a number on CB4! He can always be guaranteed to make teams beat him with their 2nd...3rd and 4th options...but he will never let the Number One guy beat him. As for Vince Carter. Well he may not be in the swamp next year...Rumour has it he may be heading south to Orlando. Who knows he may consider Portland now that they have the number one pick in this Junes draft and some very nice pieces to go along with their future franchise to be...whoever that may be.
Apparently Vince did cherish beating the Raptors at the A.C.C. this past playoffs...
According to a New Jersey paper...
The Nets still have not taken down the chairs hanging
from the wall of their gym, which represented each
road victory they earned this season. When asked
whether chair removal would be his job, Carter
replied, "I'll take the second one from the right,"
which had the Raptors logo on it....
Alas Raptor still have some more booing to do in the future!

Now I have been watching the NBA playoffs from a distance and here's what I see...

Isn't it too bad Tracy McGrady can't make it out of the first round.....NOT! Listen...T-Mac deliberately deceived Toronto when it came down to re-signing with the Raptors. Instead of staying here and forming a ridiculous tandem with Wince Carter...T-Mac decided he wanted to be a man and bolted for Orlando. Of course we all know what happened after...He failed to get out of the first round...even after he basically came on TV and said that he was happy to be "finally getting out of the first round"...NOT. Then he goes to Houston and guess what...He can't get out of the first round despite saying..."It's on me". What's that saying about KARMA? It's a b$%#ch! Too bad T-Mac but the curse of the Raptor is with you forever...ha ha ha ha!
Better luck next year...and even gone and got your revered Jeff Van Gundy fired. But at least he got a TV gig the right after he was canned.

Warriors/Jazz series...very good series. I thought the Warriors could pull it off...but the size and strength of the Jazz was too much for the overachieving Golden State team. I thought the key to the Jazz series win was the emergence and dominance of Andre Kirilenko. Remember a couple weeks before he was crying out of frustration and by the time the Warriors series was over he had so much confidence again...scoring...distributing...rebounding and blocking every shot in his vicinity. Will he be a valuable fantasy player again?...possibly. For some reason I think his wife Masha had something to do with his strong play...not sure why but any woman who says they would let their NBA husband cheat for one day out of the year...has something to do with his fine play in the series.
Another thing...What in the world is Stephen Jackson's problem? He needs to go to counselling because he argues every call and is always vex with someone...particularly the ref who made the "wrong" call against him. He brought a certain type of fire to the Warriors...but I think Chris Mullin should deal him...lest his "Bad attitude" rub off on players such as Monta Ellis and Mikael Pietrus. From the series you could see that Jackson was influencing Matt Barnes and Baron Davis as the two of them were constantly griping about the officiating during the games.

Suns/ Spurs...was a travesty! Plain and simple. I actually thought that after the Suns tied the series up at two that they were going to take the series over the AGING San Antonio squad!
Don't think for a minute that Greg Popovich didn't know that his team was losing it's historical edge over the "Soft in the past" Suns. Pop knew he had to do something because the Suns were brimming with confidence and ready to go another step towards a finals berth. So what does he do? He sends the equivalent of a "hockey bruiser" to cheap shot Steve Nash and luckily for the Spurs this calculated move worked in their favour because the coaching staff of Phoenix could not keep Amare Stoudamire and Boris Diaw from acting like Knicks players while trying to rush the scene. Let me see...The Spurs lose bench player Horry meanwhile the Suns lose an All-Star and 1st team All-NBA player in Stoudamire and a valuable piece of their rotation in Diaw. Seem a little lopsided...YES. ..and sorry Commissioner David Stern's explanation was as lame as Horry decision to cheat the Suns out of at least a game 7 in the series. What has the NBA come to? I can't believe to this day that they actually suspended the Suns guys! Well Nash will have to wait til' next year and he ain't getting any younger folks. The way Nash skedaddles around the court during a game he probably runs as much in one game as most point guards do in 2 or 3 games. He's got more mileage than some NASCAR drivers. Spurs are up 2-zip on the Jazz...going back to Utah. This series is over...although the Jazz have not lost at home this playoffs(6-0). That could change come Saturday though. Spurs in 5.

Is there any good ball being played in the EAST? Wow...I think the only series I watched was the Raptors...and not just becaue I am a Toronto guy...but there just hasn't been any compelling storyline in the East this post season. Pistons K-O'd the Magic...EXPECTED. Cavs thumped the Wizards...EXPECTED. Pistons dumped the Bulls....EXPECTED. Cavs handled the Nets...EXPECTED. Although if VC did anything that series it could have went the other way...But he shrunk under his shell faster than a turtle on the run...and TURTLES DON'T RUN!

This Cavs/Pistons series is drama...and the Cavs should actually have won game's your time buddy! Show us what you got!

As for Danny Ainge and the Celtics. Danny my boy...looks like you should have stayed with Baseball. You are simply BAD LUCK to the Celtics organization. He should never had tried to chat up Kevin Durrant's mother and never had tanked all those games towards the end of the season! Wouldn't you like to have been a fly on the wall when Danny found out that his team didn't even make the top 3. How on Earth do the Portland Trailblazers get the number one pick? Well Portland can't mess this one up can they? Wait...weren't they the ones that took Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan way back when? Yes they were! Well they have only one option. GREG ODEN. Just come out Kevin Pritchard and tell everyone you are picking the next dominant center. Don't kid people into thinking you may take Durant...or Noah...or Wright. In fact Brandan Wright of UNC is going to be a TERRIFIC NBA player folks. I think he will be the stud of the draft despite it being one of the deepest ever. Don't forget Acie Law? Atlanta are you going to finally select a point guard? You better.
"To me," said ESPN's college guru, Jay Bilas, "Brandan Wright [North Carolina] is No. 3. He will be very good. Al Thornton [Florida State] is a beast. Julian Wright [Kansas] would be the second-fastest player in transition on the Phoenix Suns right now, after [Leandro] Barbosa. Mike Conley is the best point guard in the draft. Down there around 12 or 13, somebody's going to get Acie Law [Texas A&M], a very nice point guard, although Conley is the best point guard."
Portland missed out on the first pick last year despite having the league's worst record...but they made up for it at the most perfect time possibly in their history. Hoops is back in the Pacific Northwest. Now will the Sonics stay in Seattle considering they will get a franchise player? It's hard to tell...but it is definitely a shot in the arm for ball in that area. Now some may be saying team from the East will get Durant or Oden. Hey wake up people...Especially Raptors fans...We don't have to deal with Durant or Oden come playoff time...until the finals if they make it there down the road. To get there they will have to go through some tough Western Conference teams and slug it out with most of the best forwards and centers in the NBA. Thank God. You can have them west!

The Finals should be Spurs/Pistons. Two great teams...with no flashy star...but you know it would be a great final despite the low ratings...Maybe Mr. Bron Bron has something to say about that. I am going to try to watch the rest of the playoffs despite my anger at the Suns/Spurs outcome. Tim Duncan...still one of the 3 best players on the planet and it ain't a joke. This cat does it all...scores...rebounds passes and blocks shots like his life depended on it. He and Dwayne Wade have the best bank shots in the business.

Finally. Danny really sucks to be you right now!



Thursday, May 3, 2007


Brandon Roy

So now it comes out that our "Salami and Cheese" delivery guy Chuck Swirsky has gotten hate mail over the fact that he was the only media member with voting power who cast his rookie of the year ballot for Toronto's own Andrea "Il Mago" Bargnani. He was the only one of 128 sportswriters and broadcasters that didn't vote for Roy. To say Swirsky is a staunch Raptors supporter would be an understatement and does not give off much hint of impartiality when heard over the airwaves bellowing out catchphrases and accolades for the Raptors players. He is pro-Raptors to a fault but he brings so much excitement and hype to the broadcasts that we don't mind his pro-Raptor stance. He could be a little more unbiased sometimes but he is great for the game of basketball and the NBA uses his "sound ups" when they show Raptors highlights which means they like the way he calls the games...especially when the Raps are winning. Now Chuck's position with respect to his Rookie of the year pick is not new to us. He's been saying year long that he would vote for Bargnani when the time came and that's exactly what he did. Now you ask...what is the consequence of Swirsky's vote? Well because Swirsky went totally against the grain...It cost Roy the opportunity to be only the third UNANIMOUS winner of the Rookie Of The Ralph Sampson and David Robinson did in 1983-84 and 1989-90 respectively. Chuck Swirsky

So the Blazers fans are all up in arms because Swirsky "dissed" Roy. C'mon give me a break. Swirsky has the right to vote how he wants and does not feel inclined to go with the consensus which was ROY for "ROTY"! Why should he? Swirsky watched Bargnani all year and saw a steady improvement from a guy who was according to him...the 3rd or 4th option on a playoff bound division winning team...A team that also clinched home court advantage in the 1st round. Roy was part of a Portland squad(32-50) that is rebuilding for the future and was not a playoff contender. Roy had a tremendous season...he led all rookies in scoring with a 16.8 points per game average while shooting 46% from the field and 84% from the charity strip. Bargnani meanwhile 11.6 points and 3.9 rebounds. In my opinion the difference is that Roy was a top scoring option on the Blazers and was consistent from day one...while Bargnani came on from early in the new year...struggling out the gate as a big man in the league. It's generally known that guards can develop quicker and have a faster success rate than big men in the NBA. So the fact that Roy adjusted and was so successful was not a surprise to me. Roy won 3 rookie of the month awards while Bargnani won 2. Even Jorge Garbojosa won rookie of the month as well. Roy is a hell of a player and just what the Blazers needed after all the years of being called the "Jail Blazers". They are rebuilding with CHARACTER GUYS and team players. The organization wants to forget names like Bonzi Wells, Rasheed Wallace, Damon Stoudamire and Ruben Patterson and is now well represented by first rate players such as Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge, Martell Webster, Joel Przybilla and others.
As Chuck says he can understand if the Blazers fans are frustrated...but he can't understand the hate spewing from the keyboards of those OREGONIANS! Last year the same thing happened when Utah's TV analyst Ron Boone voted for his guy Deron Williams...who lost out to Chris Paul of Nawlins/Oklahoma City. He probably got hate mail from Nawlins/Oklahoma City fans too...but maybe not...with all the stuff going on after Katrina...don't think those people had time to type a whole lot of bad things about Boone.
Let's go back and look at all the ROTY winners that WEREN'T unanimous like Sampson and Robinson to see if the Blazers fans are justified in their vilification of Mr. "Book it" himself.
1984-85. Michael Jordan
1985-86. Patrick Ewing
1986-87. Chuck Person
1987-88. Mark Jackson
1988-89. Mitch Richmond
1990-91. Derrick Coleman
1991-92. Larry Johnson
1992-93. Shaquille O'Neal
1993-94. Chris Webber
1994-95 tie. Grant Hill and Jason Kidd
1995-96. Damon Stoudamire
1996-97. Allen Iverson
1997-98. Tim Duncan
1998-99. Vince Carter
1999-00 tie. Elton Brand and Steve Francis
2000-01. Mike Miller
2001-02. Pau Gasol
2002-03. Amare Stoudamire
2003-04. Lebron James
2004-05. Emeka Okafor
2005-06 Chris Paul
2006-07 Brandon Roy
So Mr. Roy joins a list of some pretty good fact many future hall of famers that weren't unanimous ROTY winners as Blazer fans not sure if you can really complain!
Plus...was Roy that much better than Bargnani and Rudy Gay to warrant a unanimous selection?...I don't think so. He probably shouldn't have even been that close to being unanimous anyways...but that's just my opinion. Enjoy the award and spew the hate towards a more deserving target...the NBA schedule makers and television networks ...who cause the league to spread out the games too long and leave us drooling for the next one during playoff time.
As for Swirsky...I think he may have a tough time in Portland next season when the Raptors play the Blazers. My solution...bring the RAPTOR mascot along for protection because who's really going to mess with a dinosaur with sharp teeth?


Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Baron "B-Diddy" Davis has redefined the point guard/power forward combine and
become the NBA's first POWER GUARD!!!! You heard it here first...on DUNKUVERYMUCH...

A quote from commenter Mullensboy:

"Baron is balling out of control. I think there going to have to make a new position for the type of game he plays, like "strong guard". I saw Dirk,try to post him at the foul line, but Dirk could not back him down, as a matter of fact, on the play Baron knocked the ball away and that lead to a fast break! I really want to see him play against Nash. As far as the beard, both Tariq Trotter aka Black thought and "grandma said knock you out" Baron Davis are rocking the TPB hard".

I elaborated on Mullensboy's "Strong guard" moniker and came up with POWER GUARD...just to keep in line with NBA vernacular.
Who knows...maybe NBA and college scouts will be looking for this powerful/strong guard type in the future.
Baron stands at 6'3" and 213 lbs...that's a big boy that can get to the hoop at will and bounces players who try to physical him like they are pin balls hitting a bumper. How do you guard him?
With a smaller quicker guard such as Jason chance he just powers up and over them.

Maybe try using an agile small forward like Devean George on him. Done Deal...Baron just uses his quickness and blasts by him for a finger roll or rim rattling two-hander...this also after knee surgery to boot. What can't this man do when healthy? Hopefully we will continue to see in the playoffs and throughout next season.


Will the Raps sink or swim tonight? It's time to put up or shut up! TJ is sick with the start Jose then damn it! You'll the ball will move and Christopher Bosh will get going early.No more excuses...Bosh it's time to make Mikey"Dread" Moore look like the scrub
he really is! Jason Collins should be fouled out by the 3rd quarter. I heard Sam will start Mo Peterson and Bargnani again. He wants to go small and force one of the Jersey Bigs to have to go outside and guard Bargnani. If the Raptors lose folks it will be the last game as a Raptor for Peterson...take that to the TD Bank! Not sure if starting Mo will work...I'd rather him play the "Slovenian Slayer"...Rasho Nesterovic. Why not use Rasho more for his size? Make the Nets pay in the paint and for goodness sakes trust me when I say this...RASHO is the key. The Raps need to use him on the duck-ins in the paint
and he needs to be more aggressive when he's in there and make either Collins or Moore have to guard him...When Bosh gets it in the high post he should look for Rasho down low...they haven't used each other effectively in a TWIN TOWER fashion all series...what a shame...If the Raps will not use Rasho they will ultimately have to go out and get a true banging 7 footer for next year. The first time Carter goes to the hoop remind him why he shouldn't be near the key. Whoever is guarding Kidd whether it's TJ or Jose...pick him up as soon as the Raptors make/miss a shot or a free throw. It's simple...clog his fast break lane up from their half of center. Mix up the
coverage as well...some zone and man throughout the game will throw off the Nets. Don't settle for jump shots...especially Bosh early on. Get to the hoop and put the NETS in foul trouble. GO RAPS GO! Don't disappoint the fans! WEAR RED PEOPLE!




Teddy of my favorite singers...was the preeminent rhythm and blues slow jam balladeer back in the early 80's. One tragic day about 25 years ago Teddy P as he is affectionately known was involved in a car crash that paralyzed the singer from the chest down.
But Teddy didn't give up...he came back and continued to make "Baby making" music for the masses. Some of his better know tracks include "Love TKO" , "Turn off the Lights" and "When Somebody Loves You Back". But he is also known for his trademark facial beard that made him a ladies favorite to go along with that deep and soulful voice. Teddy has just recently formed the Teddy Pendergrass Alliance(TPA) which is a non-profit organization that helps people with Spinal Cord Injuries build their lives. Congratulations to Teddy Pendergrass.
Now since Baron Davis is DOIN' IT during this years playoffs...with his Golden State Warriors on the brink of eliminating the Dallas Mavericks...and one of my favorite rappers is MC Blackthought of the ROOTS...I wanted to know which guy...Baron or Blackthought rocks the best Teddy Pendergrass Beard(TPB)?
Also check out Golden States's pretty good.
LET DUNK U KNOW by picking your favorite beard below!!!!!!! Make comments under "have your say".

Baron "B-Diddy" Davis BlackThought

Baron's TPB while Ballin'!

Thought's TPB just chillin!