Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blade Runner: 25th Anniversary Edition: Release Date: December 18th, 2007!!!

One of my favourite movies of all time is BLADE RUNNER! It is scheduled for a special edition DVD...Blue Ray and HD-DVD re-release Director's cut(Dir. Ridley Scott) in less than a week. I can't wait. Blade one of my favorite movies and is noted by many critics as one of the best Science-Fiction movies of all time...some even say better than Star Wars. It was a movie way ahead of its time...set in Los Angeles in the year 2019! It foreshadowed many problems of modern URBANIA such as overcrowding...the police state...pollution and decay...and societal disintegration etc. It is truly a classic...and stars Harrison Ford...Daryl Hannah...Edward James Olmos and the vivacious Sean Young. If you haven't seen Blade Runner by are truly sleeping. Go rent tha damn thing will ya. A very DARK film with sensational cinematography...reminiscent of film noir...Blade Runner also contained mystifying and eerie music composed by VANGELIS(Chariots of Fire fame).
Originally released in 1982 this Sci-Fi Classic has stood the test of time and has since become a Cult Sensation!
Peep this:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jimmy V Classic is underway in New York: featuring OJ Mayo and Bill Walker.

In case you're not in tune with College Basketball right now...the Jimmy V Classic basketball tournament is underway in the Big Apple...The tournament is named after the late North Carolina State coach Jimmy Valvano. The 1983 NCAA Champion head coach succumbed to cancer on April 28th, 1993 and this tournament is a tribute to the coach as well as a means to amass dollars to fight the dreaded disease. One of Valvano's greatest moments was his poignant speech at the 1993 Espy Awards. In that speech he taught people what life really means and he also wanted to stress for people to live each day like it was precious and to love and laugh each and every day. His famous words included the phrase "Don't give up. Don't ever give up!" Jimmy Valvano will forever be missed. Go to the V Foundation website for more info on the fight to cure cancer!
On to the tournament. A collection of talent that features many of the top freshmen in college basketball. OJ Mayo...Billy Walker...Derrick Rose...and Michael Beasley are some of the studs that are taking part in this once a year B-Ball showcase. These kids appear to be having fun as amateurs but make no mistake...all of these guys could have by-passed college and went straight to the pros if not for the NBA rule stipulating at least one year in college. This season is merely a pit stop on the way to fame and fortune for these elite ballers. Mayo is probably the most well known of them all. He hails from Huntington West Virginia, a place I am familiar with having visited Marshall University to watch my best friend play soccer for the Thundering Herd. Gotta be one of the best team names in college! Huntington is a small town and not really known as a hoops hotbed...but it produced the player some call the "Next Lebron". Last night Mayo's USC Trojans took on the Rose and the #2 Ranked Memphis Tigers. It was a pretty good game...close to the very end. Mayo showed flashes of why is considered the best freshmen in what Dick Vitale calls the deepest freshman class in about 30 years. He may be right. Other notable first year phenoms across the county include Kevin Love at UCLA...Jarryd Bayless at Arizona...and Eric Gordon at Indiana.
Mayo dropped 16 points in the 62-58 overtime loss to the stacked Memphis Squad that featured more experienced players like Robert Dozier...Chris Douglas-Roberts and Joey Dorsey. They were too much for the younger USC squad that had 3 freshmen on the court for many times during the game.
The earlier contest pitted Kansas St. against Notre Dame. State featured Beasley...a beast of a forward and Walker a sublime slasher/dunker and wingman and high school teammate of Mayo. How good is Beasley? Well he is only the nation's leading scorer
(26.7ppg) and rebounder(15rpg)...that's all!!!! He was on his way to a good one last night dropping 17 points in the first half...but the Fighting Irish decided they needed to take him out of the game by double and triple teaming him in the 2nd half and let some of the other K-State players beat them. The strategy worked as the team from South Bend won it 68-59 going away..holding the beastly Beasley to a measly 2 second half points. Two kids you probably never heard of...Luke Harangody and Kyle McAlarney did most of the damage combining for 37 points...While Harangody also hauled in 14 boards. Walker, the other blue chip prospect poured in 14 points for the losing Wildcats.
So 3 of the phenoms went down last night...too bad...because I would like to see as many games of these guys while they're in college as I can...The college game is one of pure fun and there is a greater sense of camaraderie. These guys are so good that this time next year they will probably be suiting up for some pro team in the best league in the world....the NBA.